Loving Music is no more

We stopped doing what we do near the end of 2016. This is a remnant of what was, and will be gone soon.

Stephen J Kroos

Stephen J. Kroos, born 19th of March 1971 in Amsterdam, is an Dutch Producer of Electronic Dance Music, DJ and live performer.

The DJ

With the Summer of Love coming to Amsterdam in the late ‘80s, he started playing as a DJ at Club RoXy. Many nights he took the people of Amsterdam to a Delicious Musical trip with his exclusive clubnight The Feeling at discotheque iT, wich still remains one off the best clubnights ever in the memory of many partypeople. Stephen also played at festivals like DanceValley.

The Producer

Inspired by bands as OMD, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode as well as Superhero Electronic Musicans like Jean Michel Jarre and Brian Eno, Stephen decided to produce his own music and also started to perform as a live-act in clubs and festivals around the world. Stephen J. Kroos is a producer that seems to polarise opinions somewhat, but for those that enjoy his productions, one can only admire how he seamlessly synthesises elements from trance, techno and house into his work.

If any discription compares to his sounds, it will be warm, deep and amazing. He also likes to play with some more massive Techno and Drum and Bass-sounds. His compilations, remixes and albums always receive good reactions from his loyal fanbase around the world. With his upcoming new album “A multimodal approach to investigate the hallucinating brain of Stephen J. Kroos” he will suprise you again this year.

The Man behind the Artist

Nowadays Stephen lives at the countryside in the Netherlands, with his wife and daughter (and small animalfarm), where he finds the inspiration to create his music. He loves to spend time in his studio also as enjoying the beauty of nature walking his loyal friend, a dog named Tonka.