Loving Music is no more

We stopped doing what we do near the end of 2016. This is a remnant of what was, and will be gone soon.

Artists - Does the long term still exist?

Storyteller Written by Storyteller.

Spring is in the air here in Holland. The sun is shining and it's warm outside. Whilst enjoying the weather I'm imagining what the summer might have in store for us. The Loving Music businessplan should be finished by that time and most questions should answered and we can start the lookout for new talent. Question is, what are those talents looking for?

Labels have been around for a long time now, popping out of the ground like mushrooms during fall, they're everywhere. Committed to showing the world the music they love. Most of them are same-old-same-old, selling an average of about 100 copies per month on Beatport and less on any other platform. No financial risk because there are no direct costs but time. No businessplan, no communication or online strategy. No returns because of poor promotion. Reaping the small rewards and passing on a percentage to the artists. Completely focused on the short term gain - no bigger picture at all.

We actively strive to differentiate ourselves from the tons of labels around (this background information blog is an example of that) and I wonder if that is what artists want. Aside from the well known names the house music scene has, is there anyone still working on a bigger picture at all? Is there anybody still interested in such a thing?

We, Loving Music, want to reinvent the long term commitment record labels used to have with their artists, but in a non-exclusive way. Building brands together in an open relationship that goes both ways. We'd like to invest in a shared future with our artists in a way that might go beyond just music alone. Are you in?

What would a perfect relation between artists and a record label be like? Any comments or insights, especially from artists, are very much appreciated!

This article has been published on March 22nd 2012.