Loving Music is no more

We stopped doing what we do near the end of 2016. This is a remnant of what was, and will be gone soon.

Hello music!

Storyteller Written by Storyteller.

Slowly Loving Music is venturing from an abstract idea into the realm of reality. The concept for this project is relatively old already but has remained unseen. What the future will have in store for you, the visitor, and, for us, remains unsure. We're in the process of working out a solid businessplan (at least on paper) to see if our gut feeling and assumptions about the music industry are valid. This blog will elaborate on the challenges Loving Music will have to tackle before it's launch (and we will continue to do so post-launch of course). And whilst I'm saying we, Loving Music remains a 1 man project, for the time being.

The concept

Whilst we don't want to ruin the surprise we sure do like to tease. So, in a nutshell: Loving Music is primarily intended to be an ambitious record label unlike any other focusing on modern electronic music. We have the intention to appeal and reach a widely varied audience worldwide with accessible (nearly mainstream) dance music. We intend to employ the viral power of the internet and grow quickly into a known brand within the music industry. We want to become the platform for artists that want to up their game, want to grow, work on a 2-way relationship with our brand and find their way into the mainstream. Pretty bold statements, but if you don't aim for the sky you'll never get up there!

To do

Whilst the idea for Loving Music is quite old already (just about 2.5 years since the time of writing this article), we have yet to see any other indie record label displaying these type of ambitions combined with some of our outside-the-box ideas (which I can not write about for obvious reasons). Although the idea seems sound, there is still several months of work to do before the businessplan is completed. From macro to micro analysis, branding/identity, marketing, internet strategy, revenue sources, cost inventory, music distribution and developing the online platform will all be crucial to success. More about that later, and, for now, fingers crossed.

This article has been published on March 16th 2012.