Loving Music is no more

We stopped doing what we do near the end of 2016. This is a remnant of what was, and will be gone soon.

We present you: Loving Music!

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The lights are on, the field is lit. It's game time. We're proud to present you Loving Music. Fuelled by a passion for music and technology, Loving Music strives to make music accessible for everyone. Loving Music is a soon to be record label that does things differently, through a combination of refreshingly new business to consumer and business to business revenue models. The business to consumer models will be unveiled with our first release. On the business to business end called Loving Promos we develop tools for record labels and artists that increase your reach of promotional campaigns, improve engagement from fans and artists and save record label managers a lot of time.

Loving Music was launched publicly on January 14th 2014. No releases just yet, just a website and a blog. We chose for this strategy to attract and inspire artists to engage in a business venture together. On our blog you'll read that we strive to do a lot of things differently. We've researched our audience and strategies, inspired by artists, thought leaders, music industry professionals and consultants, and we've got the business plan to show for it. For our artists we aim to become a stepping stone to a larger audience by employing a unique strategy regarding communication, sales and technology. As written in our About section:

"Loving Music is all about pushing the envelope in music through technology and innovation in its broadest sense. We strongly believe in consumer and fan-driven business models. From our point of view the consumer should be able to decide his preferred way of music consumption, without limitations, anywhere and anytime."

If you're a music producer and this sparked your interest, shoot us a demo!

The launch of the Loving Music website is not the only exciting thing we've been working on lately: Our business to business end launched a closed beta of the demo manager. The demo manager consists of a widget that allows artists to easily submit demos to a record label. All demos will be listed in the Loving Promos dashboard and can be reviewed fast and easy without losing the very important personal touch in email correspondence.

There are two key figures we really want to share with you thus far:

  • Some of our beta testers have already reduced their time spent on reviewing demos by as much as 75.%
  • Whilst cutting down on time spent on reviewing demos, they bumped up their response rate by responding to 100% of the demos submitted.

You wouldn't be surprised to see we're using this demo manager on the Loving Music website as well, right?

This article has been published on January 14th 2014.